About Us

habcon construction head office

Habcon Construction, Founded by Ato Haileslassie Berhanu in November 2005 as a sole proprietorship of building contractor entity, Habcon building construction Ethiopia HABCON CONSTRUCTION is legally registered and commissioned as GC One and WC One company which has been actively involved in the building construction industry of the country, undertaking various construction categories including private and public housing; factories, offices, and retail units; schools, hospitals and public buildings; civil engineering and infrastructure works of both new and expansion/refurbishment projects.

Habcon building construction Ethiopia has hence experienced phenomenal growth over the last 11 years of its operation.  As it turns out now, HABCON is a hirer of 177 permanent and more than 900 seasonal/temporary employees.



  • Cater to everyone’s niche by providing deftly crafted quality services and products


  • To be a globally competitive enterprise committed to living up to the highest standard taste of everyone’s niche for quality construction & ancillary services and manufacturing products. with USD 1 billion turnovers by 2025.

  Business objectives

  • To become a prominent entity in delivering reliable construction and rental services
  • To play a leading role in fostering the manufacturing sector
  • To be one of the leading building, water and road contractor that renders the best construction and rental services
  • To contribute towards creating a corporate citizen
  • To maximize owners’ equity